Customer Service

Stand out! Look different. I know we’re all tired of the same t-shirts. Everyone wearing the same. No customization. Everyone follows the same pattern that the brands set. Not anymore. Get your very own customized imprints t-shirt. Get anything written, printed or shown on your shirt. Your shirt is going to be entirely yours: you design it. You wear it. You may be what you eat but now you are what you wear. Get your very own imprints t-shirt soon that is designed by you. All you’ll need now is a tag and you’ll have your own brand.

You order. We serve. This is our policy. Our service will soon be the best you’ve ever had. We offer fast and efficient delivery. We try to serve our customers as much as we can. Quality and service is our motto. No matter where you are, who you are, you are a t-shirt designer inside and you know it. We want that designer to work with us. In fact your order isn’t actually what you order it’s our shirt. It’s designer’s work for us. So give us ideas as to what type of shirts you want to wear. We promise good quality shirts along with good service, efficient delivery and your design. Nothing from us except for the base. You design what you wear. You are the designer for our “brand”. This way we get our designers in the form of our customers. We treat you like designers because each of you is a designer. Come and join hands with us as we advocate the true style of unique and personal clothing. This is where it’s all happening folks! This is where you need to start becoming your own designer!