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Imprints T shirts brings to you the opportunity to stylize your wardrobe in a new way. We are here to offer the mode of creating clothing that is fashionable, personal and unique. Forget dressing up as every other person around the block because you are special! This is where you can make your own tees and have fun doing it. Whether it’s your catchy nickname from high school or something your girlfriend teases you with, it’s bound to be funny when you wear it! Endorse your personal style by being true to yourself.

You are our designer. You are the most important person to us. The designer is the one that makes everything in a brand. You constitute our brand. You are who make us who we are. Your design on the tees shows you and our base shows us. Service and security are utmost important. The designer designs when he gets something too. You design, we give you quality fabric and the tee belongs completely to you. The tee comes with your name and no one other than you can take the tee. The designer gets what he designs. You are going to get exactly what you design and you are the only person who can get it. Your signature at the postman’s page has to match the one you give us just so you get your own shirt. Your signature is your brand and your brand is your design. Your design is our tee and our tee is our business. Your bank account numbers, credit/debit card numbers are secure. They are with your brand; they are with your design. They are basically with you; no need to worry about anything. Your information is safe and sound with us.