If you are passionate about protecting our planet then no doubt you are one of the many people who loves getting out and about and enjoying outdoors recreation in the natural world. Running is a fantastic, sustainable way to enjoy the great outdoors and custom running shirts can allow you to do so in style.


Choosing an eco-friendly organic, natural fabric for a custom running shirt makes sense from an environmental point of view. Man-made fabrics are derived from finite and polluting fossil fuels and often use huge amounts of energy during their manufacture. Cotton too, can put a strain on our planet's resources – using large quantities of water, and often dangerous herbicides and pesticides in its growth. Choosing more sustainable fabrics can be a good choice.


Customized running shirts can be made from natural materials that involve fewer environmental compromises, or made from recycled materials. Sporting equipment, custom running shirts included, have been made from recycled plastic bottles. No matter what colour these shirts may be, they are always going to be green!


Whether you are a marathon runner, a sprinter or a slug-a-bed lazy-bones considering running (or jogging) for the very first time, it makes sense to be kitted out in the very best. A custom t shirt will fit you just right and will make your running experience so much more pleasant, with no chaffing or awkward fit to worry about. Whether you are large, small or somewhere in between, a customized running shirt can help you set off on the right foot.