Are you worried that your grandma would toss every gift you buy for her away? You are not alone in thinking that. Grandmothers are not easy to please. They have seen it all. That said, they could also be some of the sweetest people on earth, especially when they are not constantly reminding you of your error-strewn ways and the “good ol’ days.” That’s why you should put more thought into the choice of gifts for them.

Do you know what the best news is?

Grandmas love personalized funny shirts

You can’t go wrong with personalized best funny grandma shirts!

Your grandma will rarely send you packing when you give her a personalized gift. When the gift is a personalized funny shirt, you can expect to make your way into the list of her favorite grandkids. These shirts are just as adorable as the grandmas. Personalize it with something the grandma values or holds too close to her heart and you will have captured her heart. You will also have made her the happiest grandma in the world!

Choose the right image or texts for personalizing the shirt

Personalize it with the names of all the grandchildren.

Personalize it with a photograph from her younger days. Ask your parents for a copy of that photo. Obtain more ideas from them regarding the things, events or people she values more than life itself. Ask them about some of her most pleasurable memories. Then, use this information to order a personalized funny shirt. The goal here is to bring happiness to her life. Look for images or words that conjure happy memories and thoughts!

Choose durable shirts & messages

The custom shirt would be less useful if it lasts a few washes alone. Look for the kind of material that lasts as long as your favorite grandma has. The funny texts or images on the shirt should also not wear off after 1-2 washes either. Durability is not the same thing as hardness. Avoid hard materials. At her advanced age, the last thing your grandma needs is material that leaves her feeling uncomfortable. Go for durable, soft materials.

Make your grandma feel special to be alive.

Give her a reason to be happy.

Get her a personalized best funny grandma shirt. Ensure that it’s in her favorite color too. Alternatively, in keeping up with the idea of funny or humor, choose one of her least liked colors. This will only go well if you succeed in convincing her that it’s all humor. Good luck with that, though! Anyway, choose a good shirt, personalize it with something that makes the grandma laugh hysterically (even a favorite TV show or personality), and bring life to her bones!