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Privacy Policy

“We keep your privacy in view and your shopping is all to yourself; no worries, just let yourself in and enjoy!”

Online shopping is expanding day per day and people have started preferring a lot more than going out and all. Shopping through websites can be confusing for some people as privacy is a very big issue these days. But your shopping is something really personal and we promise to respect that for you; so don’t worry and enter the website and shop like no one is watching.


Why Sign Up?

Every online shopping demands you to sign up for it and so do us. Many get confused by this word “sign up” and don’t get why it is important. This is because we need to respect your privacy and your own private account will do that for you. People usually think that there account is not private and whatever they are ordering is out in the open; that’s not true. Even if some online shopping websites do this; we don’t! Through you get a private and safe environment where you can shop endlessly; it’s like you are left all alone in a huge marketplace-so just enjoy the moment and scroll up and down., left and right and let yourself go crazy, shopping!

Signing up in itself is the way of privacy in online shopping; this means you have your own account and you are shopping through it-safe and sound! We make it more private by asking you some details which are added to your account and we contact you through them. These details help us in reaching you easily and your privacy is also respected at the same time. So, leave all the worries of your privacy being destroyed; we don’t encourage that in any way.

Free Shipping In USA

Free Shipping In USA
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