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We are doing it for free! Believe it or not; no extra charges for making the voucher reach your destination. You are being given free delivery and there is no doubt about that. Shop and shop and shop and don’t estimate the amount of extra money that you need to keep aside in the name of “delivery charges”.


By when do you Get Your Order?

This really depends on you! Seriously, it is according to how far you reside or how near you are. The distance really matter in all aspects and this is just online shopping. If you live out of our boundaries or maybe in any other international country; it will take some time-weeks maybe. However, we do try to deliver your voucher to you in as little time as possible but sending it beyond the rivers is time taking and it is quite obvious.


On the contrary; if you are living within our country, you will be pleased to see all of your items reach you within a week. This might go to 8 to 9 days but we assure you this limit won’t be exceeded. The best part is when you reside in our own town; things get easier and way too faster. Your shopped items will reach you in a day or two after we confirm your voucher. This means, the distance might put a time taking process in between but your package will reach you as soon as possible, once it has been confirmed with you. Moreover, you can cancel your voucher, only when we call to confirm you or within some hours of that-our contact number is available on the website which will help you reach us quite easily.


Keeping the distance aside, we promise to deliver you the best and most excellent quality clothing items which you pick.

Free Shipping In USA

Free Shipping In USA
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